About s-pin

S-pin is a sports management platform founded in 2017. We provide state-of-the-art solutions for sports organizations, such as official federations and clubs. Our services include membership management, tournament and league administration, scheduling, communication, social networking, club management, news and information sharing, payment collection, and much more. Our team assists sport managers and organizers in achieving their goals.
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What You Can Do?

What you Can do

Rely on our easy to use and comprehensive online platform to run your sport organization.

  • Online Registration
  • Payment Processing
  • Scheduling
  • League & Tournament
  • Website development
  • Court Management
  • Communication
  • Team Management
  • Player Portal

This is a news and information sharing site that latest tennis news and events:

  • News & Notifications
  • Tournament Calendar
  • Player Rankings
  • Tennis Club Introduction
  • Referee Introduction

Our services

  • Player Panel
  • Coach Panel
  • Head-Referee Panel
  • Club Panel
  • Referee Panel
  • Admin Management Panel
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Player panel's features:

Players can review:

  • their activities
  • their results
  • tournaments and their results
  • tournaments' registrations
  • tournaments' calendar
  • warnings and fins' status
Player panel Features

Player panel's features (Cont.):

  • Player's comparison
  • Real-time ranking
Player panel profile features

Player panel's features (Cont.):

  • Communication (inbox, notification, and messaging)
  • Leaving comments
  • Job search
  • Volunteer activities
  • Reviewing latest rules and regulations
Player Panel Communication

Player panel's features (Cont.):

  • Financial transactions (payments' history and status)
  • Managing personal profile
  • Joining clubs and singing contracts online
  • Privacy protection
Player Panel Financial

Referee panel's features

Referee panel's features:

  • Membership services
  • Latest rules and regulations' panel
  • Online request to officiate matches
  • Financial transactions
  • Players' activities and performances
  • Managing personal and professional info
  • Participating in voluntary activities
  • Having access to calendars
  • Warnings and penalties

Club panel

One of the special features of the panel club is panel player

Other special features are as follow :

Club panel's features:

  • Creating and managing players' profiles
  • Assembling a team
  • Submitting match requests
  • Team management
  • Online contracts
  • Creating profiles for club managers
club panel request tournament
club panel financial

Supervisor panel's features:

  • Managing tournaments
  • Scheduling matches
  • Scoresheet management

Administrative panel's features:

  • Player/Coach/Club/Referee management
  • News management
  • Event management (match scheduling, tournament management, rankings, etc.)
  • Payment management

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